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The Benefits of VDI / Desktops as a Service with (fcc) Hosting Services

The right technology can have a dramatic effect on your business functionality and performance. One great way to achieve better centralized network control and improve your company wide performance is to adopt a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).With VDI, each individual user’s desktop environment is stored on a remote-access server rather than on the employee’s local machine. This allows organization-wide access to greater computing power with a centralized approach to maintaining the network, saving the company resources and time in the process. As well as aiding in compliance. Whether it’s from the airport, the coffee shop or a remote office, VDI allows employees use the computing device of their choice to access a consistent desktop experience. With VDI, companies are working smarter and making better use of their information and resources.

VDI technology enables organizations to innovate, be more productive, lower business risks, and ultimately, lower the total cost of ownership. Now thanks to NVIDIA GRID™ technology, VDI is now an ideal solution also for the workforce that work with intensive 3D graphics applications. Thus also enabling a wide range of graphic applications from PowerPoint, videos, intensive 3D CAD, and interactive rendering of medical imagery that are fully interactive with NVIDIA GRID.


Ease of Management and Maintenance

 Ease of management may be the number one benefit that IT organizations realize from desktop as a service. Dealing with software issues like operating system patches, driver updates, application installs, etc. can be very time consuming, often requiring IT staff to visit hundreds of devices. With VDI/DaaS, all users are running one of a few standard VM images stored in the cloud. So, only those few images need to be patched, have drivers updated, etc. Maintenance work can be handled in the cloud infrastructure. There is no longer any need to visit individual desktops for many administrative tasks.

 Software licensing can also be less expensive, or at least less of an upfront cost. Operating systems like Windows 10 are purchased on a subscription basis for cloud delivery, which can end of being less expensive than the traditional perpetual licenses required for each machine.



With VDI/DaaS, individual devices are no longer a security risk because all desktop to server communication happens in the cloud provider’s data center on a secure network. In addition, all desktop data of a company resides in the virtual machine which is also physically located in the data center. Since cloud data centers are much more secure than the typical desktop, moving to VDI/DaaS greatly improves security.


Backup and Disaster Recovery

With desktops running in the cloud, end users are not storing any important data on their local devices. Therefore, there is no need to backup any data that is stored on the user’s hardware. Which will save your IT department the hassle to install and configure backup software on end user laptops and desktops. Each user’s desktop environment can still be backed up.  When one runs a virtual machine, hosted in the cloud, backup are much simpler. This can be accomplished simply by periodically saving a snapshot of the VM. To prepare for disaster, the VM backups can be periodically saved (synchronized) to an offsite location. Should disaster strike, the desktops can be recovered simply by provisioning new virtual machines from the offsite backups into the backup cloud data center.


Contractors and Temporary Workers

VDI/DaaS makes sense to deploy for contractors and temporary staff. Whether they work remotely or not, contractors most of the time need access to corporate systems for only a short period of time. Getting them set up with a laptop or desktop when they start, then decommissioning and recycling the hardware for the next user when they finish, puts a strain on IT departments and slows the onboarding process. It is much simpler and less expensive for contractors to be provisioned a virtual desktop to use while they are working with your company.


Remote Workers

VDI/DaaS for remote workers is a win-win situation for all. When working outside the office, often from home, becomes increasingly common. VDI offers an effective way to support these employees by providing a full-featured company desktop, with access to all the tools they need, via a web browser and an internet connection.


Help Desks and Contact Centers

Call Centers greatly benefit from VDI/DaaS. Agents and staff can work from home, or they may be contract employees at another location. Regardless of where they are located onsite, these agents whenever they need access to a standard set of tools including customer support (or help desk) software, collaboration tools, and VOIP communication technology to power a USB headset. These tools can be bundled in a standard desktop and delivered anywhere onsite the company building, over the internet to agents’ personal computers (BYOD) or inexpensive thin client hardware provided by your company.


Another area where VDI/DaaS can help is regulatory compliance bundled our Cybersecurity services. Portable devices like laptops and tablets store data locally. When that data includes personal health information (PHI), portable devices represent a significant HIPAA risk when lost or stolen as well GDPR and other compliance regulations in force. Similarly, endpoints that are used for credit card entry pose a PCI risk. VDI/DaaS solutions help solve this problem because this setup will not store any data on the devices used to access them. As long as the cloud data center hosting, VDI/DaaS is HIPAA (or PCI) compliant, your workers access these VMs using DaaS technology should be in compliance.


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