Risks of Not Backing Your Data

August 13, 2018

Today we rely heavily on our data and store most of that data digitally or online in the cloud, it is extremely important that a backup plan is in place in case of data corruption. Data stored electronically faces these threats:

  • Computer or Device theft
  • Accidental deletion
  • Hacking
  • Malware/Viruses
  • Power Failure
  • Natural Disasters (fires, floods, etc.)
  • Hard Drive Mechanical Failure

Risks of Not Backing Your Data

From deleting important files to accidentally destroying hardware humans are capable. Hard drives are prone to failure as they age, and other faulty components within a computer can corrupt or delete saved data. Information retained in one location is often referred to as a data silo, and the consequences of its loss can be shocking.

Be aware:

  • Catastrophic data loss will force the majority of companies out of business within two years.
  • 70% of businesses experiencing a major fire will cease trading within five years.
  • 93% of companies that lose their data centers for at least ten days will go bankrupt within one year.

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