DNS Hosting

Premium DNS Hosting with Global Anycast DNS Network

(fcc) DNS Hosting

When it comes to domain management, for us performance and security is a top priority. Our DDoS Defense automatically shields your domains from DDoS attacks. (fcc) DNS Hosting operates in an Anycast DNS network over 29 data centers located on multiple continents around the world. With us you can forget about downtime and performance issues – our Anycast network has multiple geographically dispersed servers that reroute traffic from any POPs when there are issues that impair performance. That means if a server is overloaded with traffic, then its redundant counterpart will take on a portion of the traffic. All nameservers are preconfigured to handle these contingencies. This allows our dns network to withstand even catastrophic localized or even regional outages. 

Traditional DNS service providers manage multiple servers with unique IP addresses and physical locations. When one DNS server is down, it cannot be reached by the visitors and they are getting large timeouts (few seconds). Your domains are critical to your business. You can’t afford to waste time and effort on free DNS services. (fcc) Managed DNS allows you to see and manage all of your DNS zones and hosts in the same interface. You can manage individual zones, handle billing issues and questions, and administer your account from the account center. We provide both DDoS Protected DNS and GeoDNS into single service.