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(fcc) Cybersecurity

While you’re reading this, attackers are most likely trying to breach your company’s defenses, utilizing sophisticated methods to find a way in possibly with artificial intelligence technologies. In order to gain access into your web application or website, potentially exposing your intellectual property, or your employees and customers confidential information. Whether your data is stored in a cloud environment (private, public, or hybrid) or you’re hosting it onsite, Fastcomcorp will keep it safe. We’ll help you zero in on real threats and filter out the rest with powerful analytics, workflow automations, and a team of experts working day and night at the NOC. We not only have a team of experts certified in round the clock security. We also have developed our own proprietary technologies in data security to keep your information safe even in the cloud.


Cyber Crime Incident Team

Here at Fastcomcorp, we do not only send alerts we respond to threats against your business and organization. We have a Cyber Crime Incident Team that is composed of our in-house cyber security experts, attorneys, and staff ready to serve to help you respond after a cyber attack.

We created this service to cater mainly to small and medium sized businesses in areas where a great deal of cyber-crime goes unreported and swept under to aid law enforcement. In 2019 in one year, the number of cybercrime complaints that was reported from both individuals and business organizations reached a staggering 467,361. The total cost of those reported crimes was in excess of $3.5 billion. Business email scammers have reeled in more than $1.7 billion (£1.3 billion) in adjusted losses from a total of 23,775 complaints in 2019.

When you get in touch with someone from our Cyber Crime Incident Team they are going to walk you thru the entire process. We will collect all the necessary information, gather evidence, and create a case. You will then be notified by someone from the team or one of our attorneys within 24 to 48 hours that we have submitted your case.


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Threat Intelligence Subscription

Fastcomcorp Threat Intelligence Subscriptions enables a wide range of actionable, effective security insights at the strategic, operational and tactical levels. Your organization can gain full visibility into network, application and user activity.


Fastcomcorp SOC Appliance

Fastcomcorp SOC Appliance is a Plug and Play, SOC as a Service solution, comes with our 24/7 security monitoring services using SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) technology, targeted threat intelligence, vulnerability management and critical incident response, at predictable, linear costs with no up-front capital expenditure. Fastcomcorp SOC Appliance consumes millions of data artifacts from both struc- tured and unstructured sources. Then is processed and monitored with our 24/7 SOC (Security Operations Center) and Managed Detection and Response Services in Victor, NY.


Compliance Enablement

Fastcomcorp will work closely with you to ensure that you meet all relevant industry regulatory requirements. Our accredited consultants provide guidance throughout the process to help you navigate increasingly complex and rapidly changing compliance regulations. We help companies build secure, compliant IT hosting infrastructures that allow their current teams to place their focus on other important areas of their business. (fcc) Hosting services offers PCI-DSS, HIPAA, NIST, DFARS, DFS, ITAR compliance services to its hosting customers.


Cyber Risk Management

Cybersecurity Services