Backup and Restore

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Backup and Restore

 With digital transformation in full swing, the demand for increasingly scalable, capable, and affordable backup and recovery solutions has never been greater. (fcc) Hosting Services offers turnkey automatic backup solutions, as well as the ability to create your own virtual or bare metal server running your own backup application. Enabling you to protect against local disasters and data loss by using the cloud to simply and cost-effectively get data off-site. Our backup solutions are designed to deliver secure, scalable, and durable storage for businesses looking to achieve efficiency and scalability within their backup and recovery environments without the need for an on-premises infrastructure. This also entails archiving solutions that is compliant with HIPPA and GDPR.

What is Backup and Restore?

 Backup and restore refers to technologies and practices for making periodic copies of data and applications to a separate, secondary device and then using those copies to recover the data and applications—and the business operations on which they depend in the event that the original data and applications are lost or damaged due to a power outage, a cyberattack, human error, disaster, or some other unplanned event

Veeam combines automated backup, restore and replication capabilities with advanced monitoring, reporting and capacity planning to more reliably manage VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments. Whether on premises or in the cloud, this solution seamlessly integrates into the supported hypervisor. Gain fast, reliable restores of files, items or full VMs for on-premises virtual and physical workloads, hybrid environments and public clouds. For pricing reach out to us for a quote. We quote competitively, between $11 – $20. Depending on how many licenses.

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus is a modern data protection solution that provides near-instant recovery, replication,reuse, and self-service for virtual machines, databases, and applications in hybrid multi-cloud environments. It provides support for databases and applications running on physical or virtual machines, including Microsoft SQL, Oracle, Db2, MongoDB, and Exchange. IBM Spectrum Protect Plus integrates with object storage APIs to provide low-cost, long-term data retention and disaster recovery for all supported workloads (VMs, databases and applications). Has the ability to manage up to 4 petabytes of client data and ingest up to 100 terabytes of new and changed client data per day. It comes with AWS S3 Intelligent-Tiering support for inactive data.

AWS Backup is a fully managed backup service that makes it easy to centralize and automate the back up of data across AWS services in the cloud as well as on premises using the AWS Storage Gateway. Using AWS Backup, you can centrally configure backup policies and monitor backup activity for AWS resources, such as Amazon EBS volumes, Amazon RDS databases, Amazon DynamoDB tables, Amazon EFS file systems, and AWS Storage Gateway volumes.


You can spend efficiently with pay-as-you-go pricing, cost-management tools, data lifecycle policies, and the EFS and S3 Storage Classes, including EFS Infrequent Access, S3 Standard-Infrequent Access, S3 One Zone-Infrequent Access, S3 Glacier, and S3 Glacier Deep Archive. With these capabilities, you can cost-effectively protect data in the cloud without sacrificing performance.

R1Soft Server Backup provides high-performance disk-to-disk server backup, featuring central management and a data repository. It protects data at block level, and unique disk blocks on the server are stored only once across all recovery points, increasing storage efficiency. With R1Soft you can manage thousands of servers with a single, web-based console that allows users to select individual files, directories, or entire file systems to be restored within minutes.

R1Soft Server Backup Manager

R1Soft Backup Agent 1 Pack: USD $16.00

R1Soft Backup Agent 5 Pack: Contact for details

Snapshot Backups

Snapshot Backup per VM: $5.00

Helix Sentry Backup is a robust disaster recovery solution which automatically creates a backup of your website at regular intervals. Using state of the art storage and security technologies, the service lets you quickly and easily restore your site in the event of catastrophic data loss. Helix Sentry offers the best website backup solution and protects your website from various security attacks like SQL injection, DDos, Brute Force. Helix Sentry provides 24/7 security monitoring and management to keep any IT environment safe from suspicious and malicious activity. It’s a fast setup, low-maintenance solution for any budget that instantly puts your mind at ease and allows you to remain focused on your core business. It even comes with a cool dashboard to follow along. Try it out and activate it at the account center.