(fcc) Hosting

Where Cybersecurity + Infrastructure Matter

Diverse Network

Our networking infrastructure is built from best-in-class with exceptional bandwidth and connectivity for the highest speed and reliability.

Instantly Deploy

Need more than one account? Add shared, VPS, or even dedicated services to your account with ease. Simply log in once and effortlessly manage all of your shared web hosting services in one place.

Advanced Security

(fcc) Hosting Services actively reduces your security and compliance burden by providing the highest level of managed security.


Multiple ways to get in touch every hour, every day. Whenever you run into a bump, our highest commitment is to actively be here for you.

Find Domains

We'll find you available options including .com, .net, .eu, and more.

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Shared Hosting Pricing

Dedicated Hosting

If you are looking for a new hosting provider where hosting and the speed of your website is important, you are in the right place. Dedicated Hosting starts as low as $18.00 per month.

Protect Your Data

Whether your data is stored in a cloud environment (private, public, or hybrid) or you’re hosting it onsite, Fastcomcorp Cybersecurity Team will keep it safe. We’ll help you zero in on real threats and filter out the rest with a team of experts working day and night 24/7.